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Comprehensive Fund Development

Does your organization have big dreams and a small budget?

When the Frankenmuth Farmers Market called me in April of 2015 and told me they wanted to raise $1.1 million by September to build a new building, my response was “that’s ambitious.” On October 30, 2015, with $1.175 million committed, the ceremonial groundbreaking for the new Frankenmuth Farmers Market took place. Construction began and the building is on schedule to be completed by May 2016.


How did we do it? We worked together. We sat down around a table and created a plan that included involving the business community, local and regional foundations and even the United States Department of Agriculture. We researched, wrote, edited and submitted grant proposals. We developed a gift chart that provided opportunities for everyone in the community to get involved.

 The Frankenmuth Farmers Market new permanent campus structure would not have become a reality without the grant writing and fundraising expertise of Manuela Kress.  Manuela's expertise in providing a fundraising structure, researching every possible source of available project specific grant revenues and coordinating the grant writing project created a successful campaign that surpassed the original goals.  Her tenacity, attention to detail and positive mentoring inspired the Frankenmuth Farmers Market team to becoming equally bold in their 'asks' and confident that the plan was financially strong and engaged the entire community.  Manuela is a dynamic consultant who worked extremely hard to learn about our industry and goals, engage us and potential donors in the process and invested herself personally in our success.

Lynn R. Zuellig
Frankenmuth Farmers Market
Building Project Coordinator

As a brand new 501c3 business with a very ambitious project and a tight timeline, we had much to learn about fundraising.  Manuela took our initial investment of $10,000 in her and helped us get $476,000 (YTD) in grant monies, while helping us to develop as an organization.  We are indebted to her for her skill and willingness to help us learn what we need to know to be successful.


Michele Bernreuter

Frankenmuth Farmers Market

Board President

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