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Grant Writing Workshops

Does your organization have a great idea, but no clue of where to look for funding?

I have presented grant writing workshops to a wide variety of nonprofit and education audiences across the state. Whether your organization is 100% volunteer run or you have paid staff, I can teach board members, staff and volunteers the basics of grant writing. With over 20 years of successful grant writing experience I can tailor a program that meets the needs of your organization.

A typical half day agenda includes:

Grants versus other types of funding

  • (what do you need and why?)


Basics of Grant Writing

  • Who is eligible for grants?

  •  Is your project/program eligible for grant funding ?

  • How to find grant funders that share your interests


Submitting Successful Grant Proposals

  • What you need to do before you start writing a grant

  • Components of a grant that funders ask for

  • Submission requirements-it's all in the details

  • Common grant mistakes and how to avoid them


Do you want to bring more money into your community?


Let’s talk, we can set up a workshop to bring together nonprofits, government, and other local organizations to talk about working together.

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